5 Ways To Up Your Foreplay Game

2017-09-17 09:36:05 |
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Foreplay might just be a means to an end for most men. But for women, having sex without foreplay is like eating a slice of pizza without cheese — why even bother? And since better foreplay leads to better sex, you should learn how to do it right. And the good news is, it’s not even that difficult so long as you follow these five simple rules of the game

1.Do something you’ll enjoy too

We know when you’re just going through the motions and we see every yawn or glance at the alarm clock. If you’re not having fun, we, too, are not feeling it. Remedy this by orchestrating the situation to suit your wants and needs. Just this once, being selfish can benefit the both of you.

If you’re a butt guy, give her a full-body massage while she’s lying on her stomach so you’ll have a great view of her ass; if you love it when she has her legs wrapped around you, go for a hot-and-heavy make-out session. If you need more examples, maybe you should … you know, give this whole ‘sex’ thing a break.

2.Don’t go for the money shot right away

If a girl touched your penis out of the blue, you’d probably be pretty psyched, right? But if you touched her clitoris in the middle of an episode of Game Of Thrones, it’s actually going to be very painful. You have to work up to her hot spots.

Start out by touching the small of her back while kissing her, or put your hand on her thigh before progressing to caress that thigh, then moving your hand up her leg. And when you do get to her erogenous zones, start out with a light touch — it’s way more of a turn-on for her. Don’t rush things up. Go slow, it’s more fun than you could imagine!

3.Show her how much she’s turning you on

Sex is just as mental as it is physical for women, making this one of the only times we definitely don’t want you to go strong and stoic on us. Go ahead and wag your tongue or tell her how pretty her eyes are, how amazing her hair looks or how sexy she looks in that lingerie, or T-shirt bra, etc. The ego boost will turn her on and put her into seductress mode, which is definitely something you would want.

4.Invest in some lubes

As I suspect you’ve discovered from your one-on-one time, lube is God’s gift to mankind. And contrary to popular belief, women feel the same way. According to studies, lubes make it easier to have an orgasm.

So introduce it before sex and up those odds even more. Just don’t overdo it. Glob it on like drywall spackling paste and it gets messy. Messy translates to uncomfortable. Uncomfortable equals — well, you get the idea.

5.Take breaks

Why a touch (or tongue) that feels really good one minute can suddenly become “meh” is one of life’s great mysteries. Something that can actually help is giving her a break from the action if you’ve gone more than a minute or so without getting an increasingly enthusiastic response from her.

If that happens — you guessed it — she’s not loving it. And this can be the perfect time to suggest a switching game. You give her oral until she’s about to finish (let her know she should tell you to stop before she does), then switch positions; see how long you can keep switching before thrusting into the main event.

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