It’d be nice if our men intuitively knew what we wanted, but they don’t. They really don’t. Most men have no clue what women want.

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2017-11-22 23:10:00 Men Have a G-Spot, In Case You Didn’t Know!

G-Spot isn’t limited to just the fairer sex! Men have their own version of the G-spot… A man’s G Spot can be just as fun to pleasure, and learning how to work it can bring you closer together!


2017-11-13 19:08:00 Keep Your Lady Bits Fit with Kegel Exercises

If you have a vagina, then you likely know all of the trials and tribulations that can go along with it. It takes some upkeep, girl! Vaginal care ain’t no joke, and it’s important that you know how to keep things as healthy as possible down there. So curb any of that embarrassment or discomfort you may have, and get ready to make your hoo-ha happy with some of these tips.

Kegels are a discreet exercise that you can do basically anytime, anywhere. Kegels are exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor — aka the muscles that support your bladder, uterus, and intestines. They involve clenching and unclenching the muscles that are responsible for the contractions you feel during an orgasm. Basically, they’re hella good for your vaginal strength and can increase your (as well as your partner’s) pleasure during sex and when you climax. Since they require basically no effort, they’re an exercise you pretty much have no excuse not to do.


2017-11-07 11:11:59 Visit a Gynecologist Today for a Healthy Tomorrow

There comes a time when you need to start taking responsibility of your body and going to a gynecologist only means that you're taking care of it in new ways! It can be very exciting to know you’re making sure all is going well with puberty, your reproductive system, and more.


2017-10-16 03:02:00 Everything You Need to Know About Using Lubes!

When it comes to sex, you play by the rule: the wetter, the better! This logic works pretty well and “fluidly” – so lube proves to be great because wetter is what you’re getting…

Lube can work wonders in just so many ways – whether you’re indulging in a marathon sex, making things just a little bit more smooth &slippery, or introducing you to some new kinds of fun! The bottomline is that lube is pretty fantastic and there’s absolutely nothing wrong when you use some. If you haven't bought a bottle yet, here are some things you should know about it:


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